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February 13, 2020: We are so happy to welcome two of the industry’s best, Sue Schade and David Muntz, of StarBridge Advisors, onto the show with us today. They are decorated veterans with more awards between them than fingers on our hands. This episode, which is the first of two parts, is a Jeopardy-like interaction, where Sue and David tackle some of the health IT issues that are sure to shape 2020. We kick off by talking about EHR implementation and David shares his unconventional opinion as to why a single-vendor approach does not work. Sue also sheds light on what we can and should be doing to ensure that clinician burnout with these systems comes to an end. David and Sue also touch on governance, where David provides fantastic insights into the different types of governance that we need in these ever-evolving times. Finally, we round off with talking about IT budgeting, where Sue points out the need for tight budgets while still ensuring all needs are met. This was a fantastic discussion, so be sure to tune in! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Sue’s take on EHR implementation and why it’s heads down during optimization.
  • Why David believes that it’s important to have a multi-vendor environment with EHRs.
  • Learn why merging organizations often does not make much sense.
  • Will we get better at clinician burnout around EHRs? Sue’s predictions for the future.
  • Find out where David think the greatest need for governance is and how to solve it.
  • Data, if not harnessed and governed correctly can drive clinicians even further away.
  • Why organizations should use the word, ‘demonstration’ rather than the word ‘pilot.’
  • ERP’s are an under-investigated area where efficiencies can be increased.
  • There is a need to educate executives and boards around costs of maintaining IT equipment.
  • How IT budgets can be structured convincingly and efficiently
  • Hear more about David’s innovative work with budgeting

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