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March 10, 2020: Healthcare needs a digital foundation. But what exactly does this mean, and how do we implement one? Is it a one-size-fits-all approach or is it necessary to take an organization-specific view to implement this key feature in digital healthcare. In today’s episode, Bill talks with Vik Nagjee of Sirius, Chris Logan of Scripps, and Clark Kegley of VMware, about creating digital foundations. The healthcare industry has always had a ‘sit back and wait’ attitude, the industry has often chosen to create applications and platforms themselves because of the sense that only they could understand the consumer. However, the tide is changing and shifts are happening at the top where healthcare is learning from other industries, like B2C and retail, about how to treat consumers. It is important to create a service-oriented approach and to leverage the strengths of other industries to best serve consumers. Vik walks us through what a digital foundation entails. He sheds light on the five features of a digital foundation which include infrastructure, consistent operations, experience, increased productivity, and intrinsic security. We learn that digital foundations are about agility, and being able to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. This evolution, however, will not happen overnight. Digital healthcare professionals face the dilemma of keeping the lights on while addressing innovation needs that move the needle forward, often within constrained budgets and resistance to change. We also discuss hypothetical use cases, where Chris and Clark present a picture of what solutions might look like, and Vik shares how he would advise a CIO wanting to implement some changes. This is an exciting conversation, and we look forward to seeing the changes continue to unfold. Be sure to tune in today!

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