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Chris Logan

Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer


Christopher Logan is the Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer at Censinet.

Creative, results driven technology and security leader with over 25 years of proven experience building and aligning technology and information security frameworks to provide business agility. Continuous learner with a passion for technology innovation to balance risk management activities which drive operations and strategies to meet business demand. Direct experience and expertise executing complex IT strategies, linking business and technology objectives to drive organizational mission, vision and values. Inspiring leader and articulate communicator with a proven ability to recruit, develop, and retain top talent. Exceptional levels of integrity, work ethic and drive to meet organizational and personal goals. Proficiency includes:

● Information Risk Management ● Security Incident Response ● Vendor Management ● IT Governance & Best Practices ● Security Tools, Processes & Policies ● Team Building ● IT Strategy Development ● IT Audit & Compliance Management ● Identity Management ● Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery



Cloud is just an extension of your operations. It's not a destination. If that's a magical place that everybody goes to, it's an extension of your operations. Every organization that's using a cloud-based provider should be pressing that provider on what their security controls are.
Remember, our technology was bound to the four walls of the hospital. Now, as you've journeyed the past 16, 17 years, it's completely different. There is no perimeter for healthcare anymore. And I love it. Because I see technology as the enabler to change how we deliver patient care and create better quality and better outcomes.
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