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Sarah White

Senior Director, Innovation


Sarah White is the Senior Director, Innovation and Health Systems Engineering at UCHealth.



One of the lessons learned for us around IT was we have what's called Rover devices. Think of it like an iPhone that allows you to track in real time. So you're in the EMR in real time and you're able to document, you're able to consent patients. These handheld devices save a lot of time, rather than using a laptop. We partnered with Verizon and this was one of the most critical pieces of the entire mass vaccination event.
One of the most important factors in inviting people to get a vaccine is making it as easy as possible. Removing any barriers. So a name, birth date and a way to contact you, whether it's email or by phone is all we require. No other information is needed from our community members in order to be added to the vaccine distribution list.
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