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When the pandemic hit, we suddenly had to decentralize the way we were doing healthcare. But the foundation wasn't there. The nature of work changed dramatically. We are now in a world where care delivery is primarily through digital means. How do we create and maintain a modern healthcare digital foundation with people and processes at the core? 

We're hosting an October 13th webinar, "Delivering Better Patient Experiences with Modern Digital Infrastructure," where we discuss the multi-cloud, the three pillars to modernize health IT, and a blueprint for creating an agile digital infrastructure without impacting the quality of care. Be a step ahead and listen to the conversation orchestrated by Chris Akeroyd, SVP & CIO, Children's Health​, ​Sarah Richardson, SVP and Chief Digital & Information Officer, Tivity Health, and Cameron Lewellen, Director, Healthcare ISVs and Alliance Partners, VMware​.​

Webinar: VMWare - Delivering Better Patient Experience with Modern Digital Infrastructure | The Multi-cloud, The Three Pillars to Modernize Health IT, and Creating a Digital Infrastructure without Impacting Quality of Care

Before the webinar, check out the Briefing Campaign on our channel covering this digital foundation and more. During this series, our topics are: What is Multi-Cloud and Why to Use it, How to Modernize Health IT Through Cloud Transformation, Delivering Cloud Native Digital Patient Engagement, Empowering Connected Care and the Hybrid Workforce, and VMware Ecosystem - ISVs and Partners Bringing it all Together.

Hear about the infrastructure that could lead your hospital system to success in providing better-connected care and a healthier ecosystem. With a working knowledge of the multi-cloud and the three pillars framework, lead your team into providing a modernized healthcare delivery. Join us for this briefing campaign and webinar! We're amplifying voices to propel healthcare forward.

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