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The Journey to Simplify, Modernize, and Innovate 52 Hospitals into One System with CIO BJ Moore

Today Bill and B.J Moore, Executive VP & CIO at Providence discuss the EHR, ERP solutions, digital imaging, tech debt, the hybrid work model and more. The technology infrastructure in healthcare is still 15 to 20 years behind other sectors. B.J brings his previous Microsoft experience to the table. How can we avoid tech debt? What keeps us from moving forward? What kind of architecture and strategies can we aspot? What advances have been made with imaging? Does dual factor authentication ruin clinician satisfaction? And how do you pull off consolidating to a single instance of Epic, in an extremely complicated health system?

Key Points:
The 3 strategic pillars: simplify, modernize and innovate
A lot of the advancements around AI and machine learning are coming from imaging
There’s so many analytics capabilities you can get through Azure, that the traditional health system who hasn't adopted cloud isn't experiencing yet


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