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Stephen Klasko

Here to transform the healthcare experience from sick care to well care is Stephen Klasko, MD, Executive in Residence at General Catalyst and former President and CEO of Jefferson Health. Health assurance is reducing the cost of healthcare in a way that doesn't leave anyone behind. How much will the current healthcare delivery organizations have to change in order to realize meaningful progress? How do we overcome the inertia that exists within the system? How can we align the economic and consumer centric goals of wellness and care? Will we see meaningful progress in health equities? Are we focused as providers on the right areas of innovation and digital transformation?

Key Points:
The greatest source of bankruptcy in America is still healthcare related costs
How can traditional providers approach innovation and transformation?
81% of healthcare executives say the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating
The one word that comes out of everybody's mouth about the future is data. Data. We need data.


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