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Dirk Stanley, MD


UConn Health

Dirk Stanley, MD MPH is the CMIO at UConn Health. Diplomate of Clinical Informatics, clinical architect, and physician leader. Knitting the DNA of #Healthcare. Experienced #CMIO and physician informaticist, BC in IM and Clinical #Informatics. Physician leader, design thinker, clinical workflow designer, and social media guru. Passionate about achieving #safety, efficiency, and harmony through solid #workflow design, great patient care, clear communication, and collaboration.



When people request any sort of technology implementation, you want to insert design thinking at the beginning. In what way will you analyze it? Who's going to be using the technology? How are they going to be using it? What's the clinical purpose? What are they trying to accomplish?
Good interpreters spend half their time in one culture and half their time in another culture. They have to learn both cultures to be an effective interpreter. I think clinical informatics is the same sort of principle. You need to spend some of your time in it and some of your time in clinical and once you understand their customs, traditions and culture you become an effective interpreter between the two.
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