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January 29, 2021: Do you have an efficient workflow mindset? Do you get excited by the words ontology, hierarchy, indexing and usability? Dirk Stanley, MD CMIO shares his top 15 signs that you may work in clinical informatics. What makes a good clinical informaticist? Have we fine tuned the usability of technology? What kind of impact do the information blocking rules and API rules have on interoperability? How do you ensure that projects are meeting the financial return goals for your organization? What does it mean to prevent medication errors? What does it mean to make patients happier with the way they get their results? Why is order set design so hard? And at bedtime, are your kids protesting that they’re tired of discussing project intake and change management and they just want to go to sleep?

Key Points:

  • Your IT friends think you are ‘too clinical’, and your clinical friends think you are ‘too IT’. [00:04:45
  • You’ve successfully used the words “ontology”, “hierarchy”, “indexing”, or “usability” in a Scrabble game. [00:07:40
  • In your spare time, you write poetry about Interoperability and Meaningful Use. [00:08:05
  • You keep looking for ways to optimize the workflow for walking your dog. [00:10:05
  • You get panic attacks every time you hear the phrase, “new Federal regulations”. [00:15:50
  • When bringing your car for routine maintenance, you ask the mechanic about the “ROI” and “TCO” of your “future state”. [00:20:50
  • Your friends stage an intervention after you start inviting them to ‘flowcharting parties’. [00:23:30
  • At bedtime, your kids protest : “We’re tired of discussing project intake and change management, can we just go to sleep?” [00:24:20
  • Your best friend falls asleep on the phone, while you rant about the importance of maintaining a written home glossary for ‘good terminology management and data standards’. 
  • Instead of asking your kids to do their chores, you ‘look for opportunities to better engage family stakeholders in household incentive-based productivity efforts.’ 
  • You actually enjoy debating whether your title should be “Clinical Informaticist” or “Clinical Informatician” 
  • You’ve wondered how to increase global awareness about the complexity of order set design. [00:30:15
  • Your retirement planner asks you, “Are you SURE you want to do this?” [00:34:35]
  • You nod and smile graciously every time someone asks you, “You work in IT, right? Isn’t that fun, just working with computers all day?” [00:39:25
  • You’ve spent countless holiday gatherings trying to explain ‘Clinical Informatics’ to your in-laws. [00:39:55
  • Dirk Stanley Twitter 
  • Dirk Stanley website
  • Healthcare IT: Top 15 Signs You May Work in Clinical Informatics 


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