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The This Week Health podcast is the fastest growing podcast in the industry with between 15 and 20,000 downloads every 30 days, with listeners who trust us to offer insight and commentary into the evolving world of health IT.

  • Gain access to the executives and IT professionals.
  • Amplify your message to the community, from a trusted source.
  • Expand your reach and network.
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Podcasts are growing...


Professionals want to engage with content on their terms. Meet them where they are at with podcast marketing.


Nurses, doctors, administrators, and frontline IT staff are looking for content that is relevant and valuable to their career.


Whispering directly into the ear of your client. By broad- casting yourself to a podcast they have already chosen, you are set up to earn their trust.


Podcasts are portable. Listeners can easily share them with a team and interact with other listeners on social media.

...and podcast marketing pays off.


One step beyond permission market- ing is trust based marketing. Listen- ers of This Week in Health IT trust to hear content that will support them in their work life.


This Week In Health IT has listeners spanning the United States and beyond. Reach- ing your audience doesn’t face geographical constraints.

Cost Effective

Our audience of decision makers are expensive to get in front of, but now you have input directly into their ear from a source they already trust.


Podcasts offer material that will still be relevant and consumable weeks, months, and years from now.

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