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Sean Bina

VP of Access and Patient Experience


Sean Bina is the VP of Access and Patient Experience for Epic.



At Epic we really do see the intersection of healthcare and social care coming together. What that means is that all kinds of core services are getting linked in and connected to healthcare. So when we look at a patient we have to look at who is in their network. Do they get support through the church? Do they get support from family members? Do they get support from the community? And then how do we create this kind of community connectivity for our patients?
The Vaccine Credential Initiative is all about patients being able to share proof of their vaccination. The focus of the initiative is giving patients control and maintaining their privacy, which I'm a big advocate of. We’ll be creating smart health cards which will have a QR code that is readable by other systems. So patients can instantly communicate their vaccination status. It’s a really admirable initiative.
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