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Ed Ricks

Director of Healthcare

Sirius Computer Solutions

Ed Ricks is the Director of Healthcare at Sirius Computer Solutions. A dynamic senior executive with over 25 years of experience in healthcare strategy, operations, and technology as a CIO & COO in healthcare systems. A strong leader, mentor, and consensus builder, excelling in strategic planning and executing tactics to build innovative systems that engage clinicians, improve the care delivery process, and create organizational efficiencies.



Don’t look at it as a cybersecurity problem. Look at it as a risk management problem. We have hundreds of other risks in healthcare organizations. How do you balance it all? Where do you make the investments? Improving the cybersecurity risks that you have should not be driven from a technology perspective.
Traditional healthcare players are partnering with new entrants. I think if you don't, you're going to carry yourself out of the future because those companies understand distribution at scale, how to reach customers and certainly how to focus on the patient experience. I'm sure there will be speed bumps along the way, but it makes more sense to partner.
Everybody figured out what you and I have known for 10 years, that telehealth is probably a better way to deliver medicine. I personally hated all the pandemic discussions on oh look at all the innovation that people have come up with. Most of it I didn't see as innovation. We were adapting the things we already had available. We just did it really, really quickly.
The overarching strategy in healthcare is that we're just trying to solve problems with solutions, not technology. It sometimes takes a lot of technology to make those things happen but the hospitals, the clinicians and the patients shouldn't have to think about that.
Necessity is the mother of invention. And so people are accelerating what they're doing today, which is incredible. What friends in the industry are doing in the last two or three weeks is probably more than they've done, from a change perspective in the last two or three years.
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