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Patty Hayward

Vice President, Strategy Healthcare and Life Sciences


Patty Hayward is the Vice President, Strategy Healthcare and Life Sciences at Talkdesk.

Dynamic executive blends distinguished performance record with strong leadership skills and a passion for strategy. Expertise includes talent evaluation, change leadership, new market penetration, team turn around and redesign and developing a strategic vision with executive teams. Core competencies include:
• Operations-Sales-Marketing-Product Strategy • Team Building, Coaching & Mentoring
• Thought Leadership • Creating Organizational Sales Processes
• New Business Development • Quota Achievement
• P&L Management • Culture development



I think during the pandemic, a lot of folks quickly adopted single platforms that did maybe one thing text messaging or something in order to relieve pressure on phone systems and different things like that. And now they're coming back and trying to figure out, did that solve the problem? Did we just sort of band-aid it? Is it putting unintentional silos of communication together, which we obviously don't need anymore of. So I think there's not only a, Hey, we've got to adopt some new things, but there's a step back to say, did we get what we wanted when we first purchased these different technologies?
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