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Marty Paslick

Former Chief Information Officer

HCA Healthcare

Marty Paslick is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Nashville, Tennessee-based HCA Healthcare, one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services.

Paslick has been with HCA Healthcare for more than three decades and leads the company’s Information Technology Group (ITG), which provides IT strategy and support for HCA Healthcare and its hospitals and sites of care. ITG has more than 5,800 employees across the U.S. and includes five data centers and 15 division support centers responsible for delivering IT services to HCA Healthcare, as well as more than 125 non-HCA Healthcare facilities. The department’s array of services includes business analysis, systems development, systems integration, information security, customer support, training and education and infrastructure support.

During his career at HCA Healthcare, Paslick has led the development of new IT units to pursue business opportunities and the transformation of the organization’s field-based IT operations. He became responsible for the day-to-day operations of IT when he was named the department’s first chief operating officer (COO) in 2010 and later appointed HCA Healthcare’s chief information officer (CIO) in June of 2012.

Paslick is past chairman of the Nashville Sports Council and the Nashville Technology Council and also a past board member of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. He holds two undergraduate degrees and an MBA, all from the University of Louisville.



We literally had tech analysts walking through administrative offices grabbing whatever iPad they could and going into patients' rooms. And, I'm not kidding, literally duct taping the iPads to IV poles. It was important to create the connection between the patient and their loved ones.
Everything changed during COVID. For me personally, you get to a place in the organization where your role is primarily that of a consultant. You're providing experience and knowledge and helping people with decisions. We had to take fast action. We had operational impact, clinical impact and technological impact. I rediscovered the operator inside of me.
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