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December 11, 2020: Reactions during COVID were critical and time sensitive. Marty Paslick, CIO for HCA Healthcare shares his health systems response. How did the CIO role shift during this time? What were you being asked to do as a technology leader? Which projects did you halt or severely slow down? What were the critical things that you pivoted toward? If your system experienced different speeds of COVID in different areas do you still make a one size fits all solution? How did you keep the connection between patients and their families? Is your clinical data warehouse sophisticated enough to make accurate predictions? Finally, how did we become so fast at everything?

Key Points:

  • HCA is set up in 14 domestic US divisions today and each of those divisions have a CIO [00:04:21
  • Once HCA gets either a workflow or a technology working here it's pretty much industry ready [00:06:40
  • One of the critical things we needed to pivot toward, early on was laboratory interfaces [00:08:55
  • Rediscover your inner operator [00:11:17
  • During COVID hospitals across the country went to a no visitor policy so we had to quickly pivot towards how do we get a connection between patients and their families? [00:12:50
  • In the case of what we were doing in the ICU, WebEx was a critical component [00:20:20
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