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Meet our effectiveness builder, Meghan Locklair. Meghan's skills help our team work to the best of our ability. She has been looking into our processes to ensure we are giving our utmost to this community. What's a fun fact about Meghan? I have an identical twin (and I mean identical!). So if you see me walking around town, be aware that you may say hello to Anna. Luckily, she responds to the name "Meghan." What does she love about working at This Week Health? The vision is centered around supporting leaders in positions that can make a difference. The team is top-notch, highly collaborative, and all in. I'm incredibly excited about the work I get to do. I feel honored to have the opportunity to help the team internally so they can make a more significant impact externally! Welcome to the team, Meghan! 

Say hello to our producer, Tracey Miller. Tracey builds efficiency for This Week In Health IT by making all of our content ready for you. Also, she works hard to keep our team organized through scheduling and communication. What is a fun fact about Tracey? "I can’t sit still! Love to travel the world, meet new people, and explore." What does she love about working at This Week In Health IT? “I love producing intelligent and fascinating podcast content where I get to learn something new every day!” And with that, you have met our entire team for now! 
Holly builds awareness by managing our social media. Through thoughtful engagement on multiple platforms, she works to bring our resources to you. What is a fun fact about Holly? “I have a background as a makeup artist and have worked professionally in many things from weddings to movies. ” What does she love about working at This Week in Health IT? "This industry has true power to change healthcare for the better for people everywhere. I love being a part of a team working to help be a part of that change." 

Today we are excited to announce the latest expansion of our team to include our VP of Business Development, Michelle Rosener. Michelle builds business through relationships with our member partners who work alongside us to raise up the next generation of health leaders. With years of experience in healthcare and technology, Michelle brings an intimate knowledge of how we partner the two for a greater future in #HealthIT. What is a fun fact about Michelle? “I attended the first Lollapalooza music festival.” What does she love about working at This Week in Health IT? "Working with our partners to develop strong, effective methods to build our brands while helping the health IT community is exciting to me."

Today, say hello to the familiar face of our CEO and host, Bill Russell. Bill builds community by making ways for people to connect with each other. He focuses on fostering conversations by talking news, interviewing industry leaders, and asking the questions healthcare IT needs answered. What is a fun fact about Bill? "I'm a Cardinals fan, even when it hurts." What does he love about working at This Week in Health IT? "As CIO, I could enact meaningful change in one health system. Now, we are working to equip health systems across the nation for a future that is innovative, efficient, and serves our communities well." 
Amplify great thinking to propel healthcare forward and raise up the next generation of health leaders.

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