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Frank Nydam

Chief Development Officer


Frank Nydam is the Chief Development Officer at Tausight. Experienced Technical, Sales, Business Development leader with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Enterprise Software, Storage, Data Center, Virtualization, and Solution Selling. Strong healthcare services professional with a Graduate Certificate focused in Customer Focused Innovation - Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford ( ) from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.



We need to simplify healthcare. There's too much complexity. We can bring automation to it and modernize it. There's a lot of technical debt out there. Lets simplify things and get more smart people focused, not on looking at that red button of something going wrong, but on working on innovative products and projects.
At the outset of Covid there were lots of warnings about mental health. Some of my colleagues, friends and family members who had never thought about seeing or talking to somebody have all leveraged telehealth mental health services. I think telehealth brings down some of the barriers where it might be easier to speak to someone about your problems over video rather than going there in person.
I think the human part of us wants to come out and shake hands and see people again. There's a deep desire to be at conferences in person but I think the virtual platform allows you to connect to a lot of folks that you wouldn't have normally connected to.
Transform Healthcare - One Connection at a Time

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