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Marty Momdjian

Healthcare Solutions Advisor

Sirius Computer Solutions

Marty Momdjian is the Healthcare Solutions Advisor at Sirius Computer Solutions. With extensive technical background in enterprise architecture and healthcare IT, he excels at working with healthcare organizations to provide strategic direction and technology solutions that fit the needs of the business, clinicians, and patients. His mission is to always deliver trusted solutions and guidance to help healthcare organizations deliver the best possible care and experience to patients.



Historically Epic's core database was always running on cache. That's been the core database engine for a very long time. Intersystems released the next generation database platform which is InterSystems IRIS. What Epic is doing is essentially helping customers migrate to the new platform because cache is going to get deprecated sooner or later.
When am I refreshing my hardware for everything application server wise? Can I get into a predictable refresh model where I can come to you and say, here's the costs for updating 33% of my clinical application infrastructure hardware, including Epic every year to make that a palatable cost? Or are we going to get stuck in this format where I knock on your door every three years and say, hey, we've got to do a hardware refresh. We have two months then we're out of capacity.
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