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February 17, 2021: For Epic customers, 2021 presents a unique opportunity to reevaluate current EHR and clinical application infrastructures. Is it time to take advantage of interSystems IRIS? Here to run you through the switch to this latest data management software platform is Marty Momdjian and Josh Peacock from Sirius. We know that moving from an SMP to an ECP architecture can be overwhelming. Why should health systems have this on top of mind right now? How can healthcare leaders select a platform that fits their data center and technology management methodology? What is the biggest benefit of upgrading to IRIS? What is the most challenging part? What is the best way to migrate existing applications in order to take advantage of the performance and efficiency of InterSystems IRIS?

Key Points:

  • Epic are giving customers the opportunity to change their platform licensing without an upfront capital investment. This will essentially future-proof their upgrade and consolidate their future platform roadmap. [00:01:49
  • Ansible is a great open-source tool that you can use to manage an environment and keep everything very concise [00:06:22
  • Sirius experts can help you build out a modern infrastructure that will include a flexible upgrade cycle along with a predictable cost model to ensure that you're aware of and prepared for any future upgrade costs [00:08:10
  • What is your technical team’s skill set? What is the platform? Could they manage it better? What is your current data center hardware? [00:10:54
  • InterSystems IRIS: The Next Generation Data Platform
  • Sirius

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