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Mindi Moshides

Senior Account Manager


Mindi Moshides is a highly experienced senior business professional with an impressive track record spanning 29 years in software sales, customer relationship development, and small business ownership. Her firsthand experience as a business owner has provided her with valuable insights and a deep understanding of meeting client needs effectively.

Known for her exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills, Mindi has earned the reputation of being the "Marie Kondo" of professional organization. She possesses excellent communication skills and a confident demeanor, which enable her to connect with clients and colleagues effortlessly.

Throughout her career, Mindi has consistently delivered outstanding results by prioritizing top-of-funnel initiatives, nurturing existing client relationships, adopting persona-based selling approaches, leading sales teams, and executing impactful marketing campaigns. Her expertise extends to cross-functional collaboration within organizations, leveraging diverse resources to drive increased sales revenue.



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