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Matthew A. Michela

President & CEO

Life Image

Matthew A. Michela is the President, CEO and Board Director at Life Image.

A healthcare CEO focused on improving patient care with evidence and driving innovation of interoperable medical information technologies and networks. Diverse experience in a) health care technology & service companies, b) both established companies & start-ups, c) public, private, & non-profit enterprises, and d) payer, provider, employer, & vendor healthcare companies. A career in learning about technology, patient engagement, population health, and clinical services.



At Life Image we invest in interoperability and public standards. No proprietary anything in our platform. We don't do proprietary codes. We don't do proprietary standards. We want everything to be accessible. That has been our corporate value for more than a decade.
Life Image was originally born as a company to solve the problem of moving a medical image. A patient couldn't have a followup appointment for cancer treatment for a week because the image wasn't there. We solved that problem. And because of that we also created solutions to all of these non inter-operable environments and systems.
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