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May 29, 2020 – Episode #
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May 29, 2020: This is a special episode consisting of sections from our panel on funding and the future of telehealth featuring insights on the topic from CHIME representatives, Mari Savickis and Andrew Tomlinson, and three healthcare CIOs, Stephanie Lahr, Praveen Chopra, and Albert Oriol — you can watch the full video on YouTube. The conversation revolves around the current massive experiment in telehealth resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Following its successes, there’s a need for lawmakers to understand telehealth’s value. Mari and Andrew explore the mechanisms behind healthcare legislation before noting how digital literacy and internet access challenges telehealth’s effectiveness. Stephanie provides her perspective that telehealth is here to stay, even if funding won’t support it. Albert talks about how the use of telehealth will be restricted to how financially viable services while Praveen notes the cases in which telehealth can serve as a good business model. Bill closes the robust discussion with some rapid-fire questions for the group. By giving a platform to five experts, this episode provides ample context on the state of telehealth. Listen to it to find out if telehealth really is the future of healthcare. 

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