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Dr. Summer Knight

Human Experience in Health Care Leader; Managing Director

Deloitte Consulting

Dr. Summer Knight

Summer is a managing director in Deloitte Consulting’s Life Sciences & Health Care practice, where she leads the Virtual Health Product portfolio as well as the Virtual Health Platform Enablement practice for the firm. As a physician-executive, Summer specializes in the human experience within health care, helping organizations and clients create patient-centric, consumer-oriented health care delivery systems. With a special focus on strategic growth in the evolving health care economy, business model innovation, consumer-driven product and service strategies, and digital health, Summer’s passion and priority is humanizing health care. As a paramedic-turned-physician, Summer’s perspective and knowledge in the field are informed from more than 20 years of health care experience.



Now that we have better control over that data, how do we take that information and make it actionable to our analytics AI and ML?
With a group of clinicians, I’m very tech-savvy and with a group of technologists, I’m clinically savvy.
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