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March 15, 2020: A big part of healthcare is what happens between visits to care settings. So much of a healthcare consumer’s personal health depends on the choices they make, and the growing virtual health movement can offer them tailored information and consultation to aid this process. This is what we’re going to talk about today with Dr. Summer Knight, managing director in Deloitte Consulting’s Life Sciences and Healthcare practice. Dr. Knight joins us to speak about some of the plans, partnerships, research, and new technologies at Deloitte which are working toward pushing the boundaries in order to make virtual health a reality in times to come. She gets into the three pillars of digital health, mentioning how integration and analytics have come a long way but there are still some barriers to the full implementation of the third pillar, virtual health. Some of these barriers she mentions come in the form of funding, and cultural shifts such as health team/home team restructures. Another big barrier is, of course, the healthcare consumer themselves and we discuss some of what is happening at Deloitte to work around this. Dr. Knight also shares a few of the apps that Deloitte has released for searching healthcare information and virtual health such as the ConvergeHEALTH and MyPath for Connected Care solutions. In the end, Deloitte has the power to be influential and set real steps in motion because of its size and ability to collaborate with partners from across the skill and size spectrum. Tune in to hear about the steps that are being taken to increase touch-points between consultation in order to build a more continuous longitudinal relationship for healthcare consumers. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Background on Summer’s practice at Deloitte enabling clients to access virtual health.
  • Progress made in data and analytics and steps still needed in the category of virtual health
  • Steps that have been made in virtual care: rural, remote patient monitoring, and more.
  • Barriers to progress in virtual care: unconvinced funders and cultural resistance.
  • Changes to the health team/home team that will need to happen for virtual care to work.
  • Getting consumers to participate in their own health by providing them tailored information.
  • The future: continuous longitudinal relationships through the MyPath for Connected Care app.
  • Deloitte’s capacity to create tailored health consultant AI due to its partnerships and size.

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