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Molly (Traver) Katsanes

Director Applications


Molly (Traver) Katsanes

Molly Katsanes is the Director Applications at PeaceHealth. Specialties: Healthcare Process Analysis, Implementation Planning, Implementation Roll-out, Professional Nursing Model Best Practice



We typically run about 99 to 100 IT projects at any given time outside of a pandemic. When the pandemic hit we put everything on hold that wasn't essential. We went down to about 10 active IT projects.
Our patients are not going to expect to receive care in the same way that they did prior to COVID. We have to adjust to meet that need. In 2021 there's a lot of question marks. We're quickly working through strategies on what our go forward model is going to be but in terms of the day-to-day work, focus should be the most prominent thing.
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