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November 20, 2020: Do you have an application rationalization focus for your organization? Are you in a steady state or are you still responding to COVID? In constant troubleshooting mode? Molly Katsanes and Amanda Bass, leaders of the application team at PeaceHealth show us how to manage a clinical and business application suite smoothly. How do we handle rogue applications? What’s it like to upgrade whilst working virtually? Do we stay on prem or go to the cloud? How can we keep the focus on COVID but also get those other IT projects going? And will we ever get back to “normal” health IT operations?

Key Points:

  • First step is an applications inventory, next is a governance model [00:09:45
  • A lot of people talk about Epic really being the tip of the spear for application rationalization [00:10:55
  • What happened during the pandemic within the EHR, telehealth and other modules? What were you asked to do? And what are some of the things that piece off that? [00:12:15
  • PeaceHealth’s ERP journey [00:19:10
  • Doing an upgrade whilst working virtually was a success. What else is more effective in this virtual environment? [00:28:10


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