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Lucienne Ide

Founder and Chairman


Lucienne Ide is a health care innovator and Founder and Chairman of Rimidi. Rimidi represents a group of medical and business professionals dedicated to providing serious hope for solving healthcare's most pressing problems. Rimidi enables personalized management of chronic health conditions. They're committed to bringing the tools, insights, and analytics needed at the front lines of care to make chronic disease management a successful collaboration between providers and patients.





I often get asked about being a physician and becoming an entrepreneur. Scientific training is much more preparatory for shifting into entrepreneurship, because you see a problem exactly and you create a hypothesis of what's underlying. And you gather evidence to solve it.
One of the challenges with remote monitoring is that clinicians don't need a bunch of data simply dumped into their workflow. They need help to know what to do with it. We optimize for efficiency to clearly show the highest risk patients who need attention and intervention.
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