September 4, 2020: Meet health tech entrepreneur Lucie Ide, MD, PhD and Founder & Chief Health Innovator of Rimidi. A health tech company focused on bringing personalized management to chronic health conditions. Software for clinicians, by clinicians. She shares her sustainable business model. How do you get your best ideas? What is the market demand that you’re meeting? What's the revenue model for your product? How can you understand the pain points? From employee issues to founder issues to investor issues. And how do you handle tech debt as you mature as an organization? Step into the exciting mind of a scientist, clinician, academic and entrepreneur.

Key Points:

  • With the enormous amount of data being thrown at clinicians, how do they make sense of it in order to achieve evidence-based data driven decisions about patient care? [00:02:05]
  • Scientific training as preparation for entrepreneurship [00:10:15
  • How do you make your product accessible and available? [00:14:20
  • What mistakes do people make when they pitch to venture capital firms? [00:20:35]
  • The importance of networking and mentorship [00:24:35]
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