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Angie Franks


Central Logic

Angie Franks joined Central Logic in 2017, bringing with her 30 years of experience in healthcare technology. Previously, she held leadership positions with a number of prominent healthcare firms, including The Advisory Board Company, Lawson Software, Healthland, and GeoAccess. She also served on and chaired the Central Logic board of directors. Angie has a strong reputation for transformational leadership and a proven track record of increasing revenue, driving new market growth, and building high-performance teams.



It is really, in my opinion, fundamental to good public health that we have the ability to integrate, communicate and orchestrate care and turn that on a dime, when the conditions demand it.
The HIE made it easier, obviously, to have all of that data pulled together in one spot. But the technology that Central Logic built and designed is really what I would say is a key part of the secret sauce.
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