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Becky Fox

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

Atrium Health

Becky Fox is the Vice President, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Atrium Health and the Founder, Clinical at Vital Circle.

She is an IT expert, passionate about leveraging technology to improve the work experience of employees, while improving the lives of patients, consumers and communities. For more than 25 years, she has had one goal in mind - to change healthcare around the world.

Her career and desire for continuous learning began with a wide variety of nursing experiences (acute, ambulatory, ED, pharma, nursing school), providing breadth/depth across the entire healthcare ecosystem. As she transitioned to informatics, she served as a “translator,” speaking clinical language to technical teams. Quickly, her love of making small changes with a big impact led to an executive role with Cerner Corporation, where she helped drive product development, contribute to company-wide marketing and sales strategy, and consult with more than 300+ hospital/health systems on their Health IT journey.

Throughout these experiences, she became an accomplished leader skilled in assessing culture, people, and processes; optimizing operational efficiencies; building strong relationships; and motivating teams to a collective goal. She thrives on solving complex problems through partnership and innovation, and is a seasoned developer of teams, known for cultivating leaders and attracting high performers.

Today, as the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, her experience in combining clinical, informatics, and change management concepts have contributed to successes in optimizing legacy systems, implementing modernized technology platforms, and orchestrating system-wide initiatives to solve complex issues (clinical and operational) from concept, to corporate strategy alignment, through execution, and within fiscal responsibilities of a non-profit. At the center of all initiatives, is always the foundational pillar of improving of the user/consumer experience, and she is fortunate to work with teammates who share that same vision.

In addition to her work at Atrium Health, she founded Vital Circle, a company focused on utilizing technology and data analytics to help businesses, schools, events, and groups mitigate risks of COVID-19 and to help communities (and our economy) return to normal. Because Vital Circle offers options - a customizable, symptom tracking application, a wearable, contact tracing technology, with a variety of health protocols – Vital Circle was utilized at the 2020 Republican National Convention, successfully keeping attendees and the Charlotte, NC community safe.

She is excited to be a part of the future of tech & healthcare. Passionate. Entrepreneurial. Never finished!



Vaccination efforts, and especially mass vaccination events, are not for the weak. It’s some of the toughest, most challenging work I’ve ever done. From managing different types of vaccine, to leveraging complex technology and scheduling systems, to coordinating staff and volunteers. It’s a lot of hard work for any size event, but especially ones on scale. Each location has nuances, each new eligible group brings considerations and challenges, and timelines are often ridiculously short. Having the right team, leaders, and partners, all with the same mission and goals – that’s what makes it happen.
If you know anyone working in vaccination efforts, thank them. It’s challenging work - lots of sleepless days, nights and weekends – all-consuming, thinking about how you can do things better or faster. Having to know the inter-related intricacies is significant – a minor change in one strategy can impact the execution of another in a big way. You have to be vigilant, creative, and wake-up thinking of ways you can keep driving to make a bigger impact.
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