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March 19, 2021: Atrium Health is at the forefront when it comes to mass vaccination. Becky Fox, Vice President, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer speaks to Bill live from the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina where they are vaccinating 14,000 people in one week. These events are very complex and it’s clear that the key to performing them smoothly is informatics. What’s involved in the planning? How do you schedule an event like this? What technology do you use? Who do you partner with? Are the vaccinations tracked in the EHR? Is there a special setup required to support that? And how do you educate your staff and manage them? The quicker we can get to the finish line, the more we can get back to the life events that we all look forward to.

Key Points:

  • Vaccination efforts are not for the weak [00:04:50
  • Patient portal - [00:10:30
  • There's a whole communication effort to ensure we are reaching underserved populations or those that might have challenges getting access to technology [00:11:20
  • It's been really inspirational to see patients so appreciative and feeling like they have a new future ahead [00:13:40
  • Clinical informatics serves as the glue between the clinical world and the informatics world [00:30:45
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