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Myra Davis

Chief Information Innovation Officer

Texas Children's Hospital

Myra Davis is the Chief Information Innovation Officer at Texas Children's Hospital.

The concept of "Servant Leadership" -- with its emphasis on sharing power and helping employees improve their skillsets -- has always resonated deeply with me.

In my 17 years with Texas Children's, I've been blessed with an awesome team of 520 in our IT organization, and I'm proud to carry their banner. As a servant leader, I believe in setting your ego aside and being vulnerable. That's not a weak word -- it's a learning word. Leadership is all about being accountable and transparent to your business partners and executive peers and -- most importantly -- to your staff.

As a goal-driven senior business leader, I've concentrated on recruiting, building and guiding top-flight, multidisciplinary IT and business teams. I'm known as an astute communicator who values and cultivates relationships with everyone from the high-profile decision-makers to our clients, medical staff and business partners.

As a CIO reporting directly to the CEO, I've honed my negotiation and financial skills in creating, analyzing and managing multimillion-dollar budgets. I've partnered with other C-level managers at Texas Children's to deliver a portfolio of short- and long-term enterprise strategies, leveraging my extensive experience leading concept, deployment and administration of robust IT infrastructures. Perhaps most importantly, I've worked throughout my career to mentor and develop talent.

Most recently, I've had the privilege of launching and evangelizing our new innovation strategy, building a well-balanced portfolio and roadmap of new investments that will drive top-line growth for Texas Children's. Applying technology more innovatively will differentiate our healthcare organization in the market, providing unique value and building long-term relationships with customers and patients.



When people talk to me about diversity and inclusion I look at it from the lens of everyone's voice matters. We must have a really diverse group around the table. It's more than ethnicity. It's around the voice and the representation that each person will bring to the table.
At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what room I'm in because we all put our pants on the same way, which is one leg at a time. So if I set my audience that way, it forces me to say we are all equal. We might not look alike but we are human first and that’s given me the confidence to say it doesn't matter who you are.
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