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November 25, 2020: What does a Chief Innovation Officer do? What does innovation really mean? Myra Davis of Texas Children’s Hospital joins us to talk leadership, talent, innovation and COVID-19 response. The role of CIO is a precarious one. What is the secret sauce to longevity? How do you build a team that has diversity and inclusion? Can the problems within your organization be solved with simple changes? Or do they require partnering with an outside company? Front of mind should be enhancing existing opportunities and optimizing and leveraging the assets that you do have instead of going out and buying more technologies. And what is your leadership statement? Is transparency the key to success?

Key Points:

  • What is your leadership statement? [00:09:15
  • What does innovation really mean? [00:12:10
  • Texas Children’s Hospital’s COVID-19 response [00:14:59]
  • To make progress in healthcare a lot of barriers have to come down [00:19:23]
  • DISC profiles [00:31:45
  • A CIO's responsibilities first and foremost are to keep systems available, reliable and secure [00:39:00


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