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David Dirks

Vice President of Strategy

Intermountain Healthcare

David Dirks is the Vice President of Strategy at Intermountain Healthcare and the Interim CIO of Castell.

Experienced healthcare leader with significant experience in developing, implementing, and executing strategies that produce proven, sustainable transformation across all facets of the healthcare enterprise.

Diverse experience and skills including strategy development and implementation, data and analytics, decision support, staffing management and process improvement, finance and budgeting, hospital operations, information technology, revenue cycle, group purchasing, and contracting.

Responsible for leading multiple healthcare transformation strategies including new physician payment models, value-based contracting strategies, population health management data and analytics systems, clinical quality improvement delivery and measurement structures, predictive analytics, provider relations, staffing management and process improvement, and information technology implementation.



How we're using that data supply chain is not let's just load as much data as we can, and then hope we can find a use for it. We start with the end in mind, which is what are we trying to accomplish? What are we trying to get done? And what are the data assets that we need to line up in order to be able to inform and make those decisions?
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