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February 5, 2021: Health systems have a lot going on right now. Rolling out constant new technology is a balancing act. How do they put it all together? Are they able to come up for air? Craig Richardville, SVP & Chief Information & Digital Officer for SCL Health fills us in how his system is doing during COVID. How do the highly integrated roles of CIO CDO work together? What does it mean to lead digitally? What does it mean to lead as a CIO? Do you have a steering committee or a governance group? How do you organize workflow and systems? Do you need to hire a cloud architect? What’s it like hiring new people remotely? How is your interoperability? Are you ahead of the game on the price transparency rule and the 21st Century Cures Act final rule? Cybersecurity is that one thing that you can never ever take your eye off. How has the approach to cyber changed over the years?

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