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Sanaz Cordes, M.D.

Chief Healthcare Advisor

World Wide Technology

Dr. Sanaz Cordes is the Chief Healthcare Advisor at World Wide TechnologyDr. Cordes has over 19 years of healthcare and health tech executive leadership with a proven track record of building and scaling healthcare technology companies. She is a serial entrepreneur, launching and leading several healthcare startups, including one acquired by Health Catalyst in 2020.

At World Wide Technology she helps enterprise healthcare organizations solve complex business problems by optimizing technology and process. Prior, she was a venture advisor and consultant for HealthX Ventures and served as interim CEO of their portfolio company, DotCom Therapy- a teletherapy provider of speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy.

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Dr. Cordes was the founder & principal at Value Prop Shop - a consulting firm exclusively working with venture firms and their health tech portfolio companies to strategically grown revenue, fundraise, and achieve market traction with an ROI-driven approach for over 25 healthcare startups around the country. Her first startup, healthfinch, was acquired by a publicly traded company and the software is being used by thousands of providers across the U.S.




43% of nurses are considering leaving the profession. That’s up from 17% in 2019. And a third of the healthcare workforce in general, doctors, technicians, folks that work in the hospital are unhappy and thinking about leaving. Scary numbers. We've got to do something. We've got to make changes.
I think there’s tactical, logistical challenges in moving care to the home but there’s also a mindset, the philosophy of really shifting the way health systems think about care. Typically it's been episodic and reactive care, right? Patients come in and access care points in time. And we react to it. I think the pandemic has shown us a model of continuous proactive care. It's really important to be able to make that shift and doing it remotely and being at home is truly the best way to capture continuous data and find out information before it becomes a challenge and you need to intervene medically.
If you don't have strong AI machine learning play in your R and D acceleration, if you don't have high-performance computing infrastructure to support it, then you're behind the times.
Doctors are trained to be like lone wolves. It's not a team sport, despite how much movement we've had towards patient centered care and people working in collaboration. That's still solid but at the end of the day, three o'clock in the morning, the diagnosis is still yours to make over the phone or in the ER. And I think that's been a real struggle for a lot of my colleagues who've tried to make the jump to CMO and being the center of everything.”
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