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Newsday - Hiring a CMO, Price transparency and 2021 Health Tech Predictions

February 1, 2021: Dr. Sanaz Cordes, Chief Healthcare Advisor at World Wide Technology joins Bill for the news today. What is the number one thing she learned being an entrepreneur? What advice does she give to health tech startups? What's the next frontier for remote patient monitoring? How do we scale teletherapy? What do we learn by putting up quick solutions that may not be sustainable? Plus the 4 different types of CMO roles and how to hire them, AI, machine learning and 2021 predictions. Is this the year that social determinants efforts will shift from aspirational to operational? And will the federal health emergency funding last another 10 months?

Key Points:

  • Who knew that the EHR implementation and meaningful use would drive so many physicians into the technology world? [00:02:52]
  • Your ultimate guide to hiring doctors into digital health [00:08:35
  • Price transparency was unheard of five years ago [00:19:10
  • Consumers will be in the driver's seat in 2021 [00:27:27
  • 2021 will be a pivotal year for machine learning and artificial intelligence [00:32:00
  • Alternative treatments for ADHD, substance abuse, mental health and insomnia [00:44:15
  • There's going to be a return to bundle payments [00:45:40
  • World Wide Technology



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