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Coming Through a Ransomware Event - Best Practices and Lessons Learned

  • The phone call comes in. The systems are starting to shut down.
  • What could be wrong? Network problem? Software problem?
  • No, it's ransomware.
  • What is your next move? Is it already too late?
  • Sky Lakes Medical Center has provided a valuable perspective into the reality of cybersecurity risks by coming forward with the story of their October 2020 breach. In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the events leading up to, during, and after their ransomware attack. As Sky Lakes Medical Center's EHR was hosted through Community Connect by Asante Health System, we are joined by both IT executives for a comprehensive breakdown. John Gaede, CIO of Sky Lakes Medical Center, and Lee Milligan, CIO of Asante, recount the events and its effects on their interconnected health systems. This conversation will explore what they believed worked well, in addition to actions that could have better prepared them to handle the breach. We are also happy to be joined by cybersecurity expert Matt Sickles, who has walked many healthcare systems through the early stages of cybersecurity events to the end. With his insight and these CIOs experience, this discussion will provide valuable insight into the best practices that are being adopted across the industry.
  • Join this webinar for an honest look at the dangers facing healthcare and what you and your team can do to protect your health system.
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