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Kimberly Chaundy

Senior Director

Geisinger Medical Center

Kimberly Chaundy, MBA is the Senior Director at Geisinger Medical Center.

An experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Public Speaking, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Management, Healthcare Management, and Healthcare. Strong professional graduated from University of Scranton.



We hear a lot of success stories. We had a patient, a kid with really worried parents. We actually sent all of their images over before the patient even arrived to the hospital via helicopter. And that just allowed the physician receiving the patient to get a better understanding. It allowed the parents to relax and know that the transitions of care was happening and they were going to be informed and know exactly what transpired at that hospital.
Geisinger has taken a stance since 2005 that they really wanted to make sure that wherever our patients were in the community, that they would have an opportunity to get access to their data. And we're also pushing a lot of clinical data directly to the providers so they don't even have to go looking for it.
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