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February 3, 2021: Artificial intelligence, chatbots, machine learning, remote work, price transparency, leveraging the cloud and 2021 technology priorities. Join today’s conversation with Theresa Meadows, CIO for Cook Children's Healthcare System. Children's hospitals are unique in that their interoperability strategy has to be REALLY good. What does it look like? What kinds of regulatory things must be considered? What does a children's integrated delivery network (IDN) look like? Do these health systems rely on their EHR? Or do they use a third party? What about homegrown data solutions? The topic of work culture is huge in 2021. How do you manage productivity with a remote workforce? 

Key Points:

  • IT projects are never over. They are living breathing entities that last forever. [00:09:50
  • Cook Children’s two IT goals: 1. To enable our patients to be more mobile. 2. To enable our employees to be more mobile and more agile in their work. [00:19:35
  • 21st Century Cures and price transparency [00:25:55
  • The technology priorities for 2021 are mobile and digital [00:19:00
  • There are a lot of repetitive things that we do in IT that RPA is perfect for. E.g. password creation and password termination. [00:33:10
  • Cook Children's Healthcare System


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