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March 17, 2021: We look to organizations like Providence with its size, scale and scope to lead the way and set the tone in healthcare. Did you know they had the first COVID patient in the US on January 20? Where were they in their tech journey when the pandemic hit? And how did that affect their response? CIO BJ Moore who hails from Big Tech with 26 years at Microsoft discusses being an Epic shop, the cloud, AI, Machine Learning and doing things the green way. How do you maintain the innovation gains from Covid and accelerate them? What workloads are the hardest to get onto a cloud architecture? How is the Providence Microsoft 5 year deal going? And what’s the most rewarding thing about switching from Big Tech over to Healthcare?

Key Points:

  • Providence has a goal of being carbon negative by 2030 [00:04:50
  • Digital beds are the future [00:07:10
  • With emerging technologies like telehealth how can we make sure we're including poor and vulnerable communities? [00:10:30
  • You’ve got to have an anchor. And the anchor for our electronic health records is Epic. [00:19:35
  • If all of our data was locked on premise instead of the cloud we would have been stuck with traditional analytic models versus machine learning and AI [00:14:25
  • Enable follow the sun support by outsourcing to countries like India [00:27:47]
  • In 2020 we delivered more in 12 months than I ever saw Microsoft deliver in 3 or 4 years [00:32:43
  • The biggest challenge of moving from the tech industry over to healthcare is tech debt [00:36:42
  • Providence used to have 4,000 applications. Microsoft, a trillion dollar company doing business with 200 countries only has 1000. So that’s been a challenge. [00:37:15
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