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BJ Moore

Executive Vice President and CIO


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At Providence, AI and the cloud are helping to support clinicians amid a medical staffing shortage and improve patient outcomes, says CIO B.J. Moore.

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Look at what Google, Facebook or any social media platform does. They’re getting telemetry from all their users interacting with the platform in real time. And their algorithms and models are responding to that. So that precedence already exists. And that compute capability, that's used for good or bad, can be used for good in health systems.
Moving to the cloud has been a gift. It’s kind of like the house you lived in for 30 years. You thought you needed all the things in the attic and garage, until you moved. Then you decided you didn't really need that stuff. At Providence we’re retiring 50 to 60% of the applications. Determining what can be consolidated or archived. And we've now moved out of 2 of our 6 data centers.
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