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Scaling Social Determinants work with Intermountain and the United Way

December 16, 2020: It’s clear that social determinants impact health. Mikelle Moore of Intermountain Healthcare and Bill Crim of United Way of Salt Lake share details of their groundbreaking all-in-one care management digital platform. What leads to health disparities in our communities? How do we address these issues so that we can help reduce healthcare spend and improve health outcomes? There isn't a textbook solution but the principle is the idea of co-designing with communities. Bringing the voice of affected populations to the table to hear their experience, to understand their challenges and to co-design the solution with them. What are some of the challenges that come with scaling a program like this up? And how do you measure the success from a health systems metric standpoint? 

Key Points:

  • An all-in-one care management digital platform used by community health workers to connect people’s social needs, health needs, mental health needs and substance use needs [00:05:35
  • Social determinants of health and social determinants of educational achievement are very much related [00:08:30
  • Why does one zip code have a 10 year life expectancy difference to another? [00:10:30
  • The first scaling problem is around data interoperability. The second is the challenge of human behavior in a de-centralized multi-sector system. [00:24:40
  • Utah 211
  • Intermountain Healthcare 
  • United Way of Salt Lake


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