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January 3, 2020: In today’s episode we welcome Reid Priddy, four times Olympian and member of the U.S. Mens National Volleyball team. Reid started playing volleyball after his family moved from Richmond to Florida where he happened to try it out in a summer-school PE class, and the rest is history! Since then, Reid has participated in multiple Olympic Games, won four medals including a gold medal and today we get the opportunity to talk to him about leadership, team, culture, fitness, and wellness. With 16 years of experience as a professional indoor volleyball, Reid has now developed a new leadership program called Max Potential and a wellness program called INSAND. With his programs, Reid was able to relate his own personal journey, going from hardcourt to sand volleyball, and turn it into a health and fitness business. In this exciting conversation, Reid shares his experience as an Olympic athlete and the principles that have been his guiding posts throughout his journey. Reid has such great insights on team dynamics and we discuss the growth and challenges that high performing teams go through, delving into the individual journey that each member of the team goes on as well. For all this and more, keep listening! 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Hear more about Reid’s volleyball journey and how his passion turned into his profession. 
  • Reid’s road to the first Olympics in Athens. 
  • Carrying expectation and learning to deal with loss: how it made Reid a better player. 
  • The preparation process a team goes through by articulating their goals and objectives. 
  • Setting a culture in motion: a culture of learning, purpose and mission. 
  • How the best leadership has high challenge and high support. 
  • The impact of winning versus losing and the discovery process within failure. 
  • The double black belt: Approaching every situation with the same level of discovery. 
  • Transitioning from hard court volleyball to sand volleyball. 
  • Reid’s vision for INSAND and how he wants to build an integrated centre for fun and fitness. 
  • The importance of being all in and committing to the process. 


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