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January 11, 2021: Sue Schade from StarBridge Advisors joins Bill to break down improving virtual care for elders, the unfortunate demise of Haven Healthcare, and the ever changing role of the CIO. Do they need to be Chief Operator and Innovator too? We’ve had a 9 month head start planning the COVID vaccine distribution. Has the rollout already been botched? There’s much work to do. We have got to get shots in arms. Bottom line. Who’s job is it to “transform” healthcare? The payer or the provider? And what are the juicy details of the Change Healthcare acquisition? 

Key Points:

  • Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan have pulled the plug on Haven Healthcare. What should we read from this? [00:02:45
  • The vaccine can't be first come first serve. It HAS to be scheduled. [00:14:53
  • Optum bought Change healthcare: the $13 billion deal [00:26:05
  • The home is the hub for life and care of older adults [00:27:11]
  • The issue of isolation needs attention. Especially during a pandemic. [00:29:10
  • How the CIO's role has evolved to COO by proxy [00:32:06



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