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Newsday - Drive-Thru Vaccine Distribution, Reaching the Marginalized, and CIO Priorities

February 22, 2021: Vaccinate. Vaccinate. Vaccinate. Sue Schade from StarBridge Advisors joins Bill to discuss the news. Sue has been monitoring vaccine distribution and sharing it with the community through her blog. UC Health released a must-read COVID-19 mass drive-thru vaccination playbook. Health officials are struggling to gather critical data including race, ethnicity and occupation of individuals who receive the COVID-19 vaccine. How can we make this easier for those on the front lines to capture? Can we do audits to see where our system has gaps? Some state systems are buckling under the pressure. What is a CIO to do in this case? And what’s going on in Texas? Will their vaccine reporting issues cost them less doses from the federal government? Epic’s platform now has 100 mass vaccination sites using it but remember it’s not a CRM. Is this a square peg in a round hole type situation? 

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