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Newsday - Cybersecurity Strategies, Vaccine Distribution and Biden Administration Predictions for Healthcare

January 25, 2021: Today Drex and Bill talk cybersecurity strategies, vaccine distribution and Biden administration predictions for healthcare. The new final rules to Stark Law and AKS regulations include the addition of a new "cybersecurity exception". What does this mean if you’re breached? Will the government cut you some slack? What's the possibility of building your own cybersecurity program? Should you be using a partner to help? If so, which partner? What are Amazon’s plans post exiting the Haven joint venture? Bill and Drex also break down The Healthcare Innovation 2021 State of the Industry Survey. 

Key Points:

  • New cybersecurity donation safe harbor rule [00:08:25
  • Micky Tripathi tapped as Biden's National Coordinator for Health IT [00:06:20
  • Johnson and Johnson are coming out with a vaccine that may be a one-shot that could last for a year [00:20:30
  • Bundled payments is how you figure out how to get to value based care [00:30:31
  • We keep talking about bringing in more and more data sets. This is going to be a key area for us. How do we push this forward? [00:43:26



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