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February 21, 2022: Dr Colin Banas, Chief Medical Officer for DrFirst joins Bill for the news today. Physicians practicing in the same geographic area, and even the same health system, often provide vastly different levels of care during identical clinical situations. Is this a cause of concern? Health IT leaders from provider organizations discuss their 2022 spending strategies for EHR optimization and pop health IT. Senators intro bipartisan effort toward modernizing health privacy laws with Teladoc Health, IBM, Epic and athenahealth all signing on in agreement. And the world continues to be unpredictable so companies must embrace the future of remote hybrid work.

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:04:10 - Clinical variation is a challenge for a lot of health systems

00:19:35 - Successful pop health programs do it with the cadence of people, processing and technology 

00:36:20 - A lot of insights, medical breakthroughs and pharmaceutical breakthroughs have occurred from the mining of anonymized clinical data

00:35:30 - We live in a tech world, mobile world and data hungry world

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