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Colin Banas

Chief Medical Officer


Colin Banas is the Chief Medical Officer at DrFirst.



The two biggies are safe automation and patient engagement, patient empowerment. And then if you, move away from the technology side, it's teams, right? The care team is what's going to make the difference. And everybody working at top of license in a properly staffed environment. And I think that's a huge part of what's going on now. There's not enough nurses, there's not enough PAs, there's not enough doctors. So the ones that are staying behind are just doing more and more and more.
It's frustrating when you as a patient, can't get something that your doctor is prescribed for you or thinks that you need. There's also this inherent lag that's built into therapy for something like cancer treatment, radiation treatment. Time is of the essence. So anything we can do to reduce the friction, remove that lag and still get appropriate therapies to our patients, I'm all for it.
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