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November 18, 2020: RxRevu is an integrated Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution. CEO Carm Huntress joins us for a conversation around transparency at the point of care. Three components come into play when making prescribing decisions, value-based care, consumer-driven care and the regulatory environment. How can we choose the path of least resistance to picking the most effective medication at the lowest cost? We have come a long way but are we only at the second inning for how this needs to work? We know the data helps make informed decisions but the final piece to the puzzle is measurement. How can providers use the data to change behavior? And what value is that providing to the provider, the patient and the payer?

Key Points:

  • Helping providers make the most cost-effective decision for every patient [00:01:55
  • Data now is patient-specific, cost specific and it's in real-time [00:08:20
  • Finding alternative meds without prior-authorization means 50 minutes of cost savings per provider per script [00:15:20]
  • For every prescription switch we get, we're seeing an average saving of $225 per fill [00:15:50
  • We tend to rush to consumer driven experiences [00:26:50
  • The pharmaceutical value chain is incredibly complex. There's wholesalers, PBMs, providers, payers, retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, Medicare, Medicaid and commercial. [00:27:15


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